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Survey of Family Law 2008
Families Need Fathers (FNF) and the Equal Parenting Alliance (EPA) have joined forces to collaborate in the collection of data for a series of surveys into family law.
But why are such surveys necessary?
The government already claims that family courts always put the best interests of the child first – but how can they prove this without keeping any record of outcomes?
How would you feel about a surgeon who never saw a patient after operating and had no idea (or interest in) whether they even lived or died?
What if nobody could tell you whether it was better to treat your ingrown toenail with amputation or antibiotics - simply because nobody had ever bothered to find out? Would you still think the NHS was wonderful?
Sadly, we believe just this level of ignorance and complacency is the backbone of our family law system.
This initial survey concentrates on contact issues and mainly focuses on perceptions of family law by non-resident parents.
We believe this is the largest survey into family law ever conducted in the UK, collecting around 450 different pieces of information for each participant. As we get more data this enables us to negotiate from a position of strength.
For example, 70% of our respondents so far have said they had false allegations made against them that affected the contact they were awarded. Evidence like this puts us in a much stronger position to raise the issues of false allegations - and prevent it being fobbed off as a problem affecting only a minority of cases.
We’re actually planning three surveys, the latter two to be released in the next few months:
1) Aimed at people involved as applicant or respondent in family law cases. This will allow us to answer questions such as “What percentage of applicants say that false allegations of abuse were made against them by the respondent?”.This information just isn’t collected or available anywhere else. Take this survey now.
2) Aimed at adults whose parents were arguing in the family courts over their custody or contact. We think it’s vitally important to hear what they think. Do they think that family court decisions were in their best interests? Who better to ask than them?
3) Aimed at the families of parents involved in a family law case. We want to hear what they think too. This will mostly be grandparents, siblings or new partners.
This is just the first of three planned surveys
Completing the Surveys
There are two possible ways to take the survey:
Firstly, you can complete it online. This runs in your web browser and you just need to have Javascript enabled for the survey to run.
Secondly, you can also download the survey as an Acrobat file, print it out, fill it in by hand and post it to us.
All the options for running the survey are available from the take the survey page.
New Collaborative Approach to Gather Information
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